4 Things You Didn’t Know About Pallets

23 Jul
cheap international pallet delivery

“Pallet House” by Andreas Claus Schnetzer & Gregor Pils

We are just crazy about pallets here at We Send Parcels. You know the way most people feel about puppies and cupcakes? That’s how we feel about pallets. Providing an excellent international pallet delivery service is what we’re all about. So we like to consider ourselves experts on the humble pallet. And guess what? There’s more to pallets than just logistics, freight services and international deliveries. Here are four things you probably didn’t know about pallets.

There Are No Universal Standard Pallet Sizes

It’s a free for all out here! Okay, it’s not a free for all, I lied. But hundreds of different pallet sizes are utilised by companies all over the world. A number of different standard-setting organisations across the globe are working towards standardised pallet dimensions, but this can be tough because of variations in pallets stemming from differences in what they’re carrying, what they’re made of and just how tiny a door they have to squeeze through.

Pallets Are Going Eco!

Paper pallets have often been used for carrying lighter loads, but some clever cookies have been working on developing paper pallets built from sheets of corrugated card, which can carry loads similar to that of wooden pallets. These paper pallets weigh just 4.5kg, making them cheaper and safer, as well as eco-friendly.

Pallets Have Been Around For A Long Time

The first reference to a pallet as a delivery tool was in a 1924 sketch by inventor Howard Hallowell, entitled “Lift-Truck Platform”. Hallowell’s Lift-Truck Platform was designed as a durable, inexpensive portable platform, which would prevent damage to warehouse floors and help with proper positioning and use of a Lift-Truck. During the Second World War, pallets were used substantially. The Lift-Truck became the forklift, and the first official patent for a four way pallet was filed in 1945.

Pallets Aren’t Just For Delivery

People tend to get crafty with any old supplies they have lying around, and pallets are exception. A quick glance around Pinterest will tell you that pallet crafts have exploded. People are taking their old pallets and turning them into everything from furniture to guitars. In 2008, two students from Vienna University even built an entire house out of old pallets (see featured image). Andreas Claus Schnetzer and Gregor Pils reused their pallets to build an energy efficient, affordable house. The house cost just $11 per square foot to build, and is being looked at as a possible approach to low cost housing.

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