Two Things Parcel Delivery Services Could not do Ten Years Ago

25 Mar

If a person from 1st century is transported into our own times, he or she may not be very impressed with all the gadgetry we have today. He may dismiss the internet, touch screen smartphones, and e-book readers as uninteresting magic. In comparison, someone from 100 or 50 years ago is can much better appreciate today’s technology.

Being a courier blog, we will try to access technology’s impact on the courier industry. This is one industry that has changed greatly in the past few years, so much so that things that were unimaginable in 2004 are now taken for granted.

(a) Real-Time Tracking

Back in 2004 it was it was hard to get real-time data on the location of your parcel. It is as easy as running your fingers on your keyboard. Technology has made it possible to track parcels on the internet. You fill in a number in the tracking field at the top of the page and instantly obtain the location of your package.

(b) Instant Online Quotes

This feature has benefited businesses more than domestic consumers. Nonetheless this is a wonderful ability that was not available ten years ago. Companies and consumers can compare prices and services online to get the best value for money.

Technology has branched off and affected every aspect of our lives. Businesses dealing in parcel delivery in the UK and around the world are no exception. Today we can compare quotes online and track our packages in real time, giving visibility to the customer when they need it most.

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